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About Us

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Yolonda T. Sanders, Ph.D.
EQ-i2.0/EQ360 certified


Quintin D. Sweat, Ph.D.
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Both Yolonda and Quintin have PhDs in Organizational Leadership, and each has held key leadership roles in corporate and nonprofit organizations, such as CEO, director, and project manager. Together and separately, they have helped organizations through various development processes, specializing in several major organizational areas: 

  • Strategic plans (e.g., manage growth, expand locations, implement new products/services, and more)​,

  • Planned change initiatives,

  • Current or past failed initiatives,

  • Leadership changes, 

  • Need for development but the uncertainty of what and/or how,

  • New or startup.


Combined, Quintin and Yolonda have over 53 years of leadership experience and counting! These consultants have theoretical knowledge through their education and practical knowledge through their experiences to help position organizations for lasting success.



To assist organizations with development and problem-solving



To empower organizations for continual learning and lasting success

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