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Leadership Reflections: A 52-Week Journal

No matter the position or years of experience, leadership is a lifelong journey that comes with much on-the-job training. Sometimes, those in leadership positions become so focused on organizational and others’ concerns that they neglect their own developmental needs. Burnout, moral dilemmas, and conflicting demands are just some of the issues leaders face daily. Without intentionally making time for self-reflection and self-nurture, leaders risk losing themselves in ways that can sometimes result in great personal and professional detriment. This reflection journal is for all who desire to evaluate their character, improve their competencies, and increase their contributions in all leadership contexts. Be challenged and positively changed as you cultivate the best you possible!

One Journal . . . Two Covers . . . Unlimited Possibilities

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ISBN: ‎ 979-8989734825

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ISBN: ‎ 979-8989734801

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